DOT-49 CFR Training & Compliance - Hazmat Certification

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2 Day course includes DOT-49 CFR and Air Transport-IATA compliance requirement
This two day training seminar will complete your federal and state training requirements for Transporting Hazardous Materials or Wastes by Highway and Air. All attendees receive course Training Manual, Emergency Response Guidebook, Testing and DOT Certification. All attendees will work with the regulatory manuals (49CFR & IATA) and learn how to work through the regulations. Examples of proper packaging and closures with marking examples will be demonstrated.

Pacific Training provides training and certification based on specific 49 CFR – Federal Department of Transportation requirements. We provide the required training and testing for each employee to successfully understand and comply with these DOT Regulations.

We also offer In House Training for DOT, IATA, FRA, IMDG or OSHA Hazard Communication to meet your Company’s specific needs as well as hourly consultation to review shipping documents, manifests, labels or SDS’s. Your in house training will be developed to meet your company’s particular training needs. We can use your shipping packages, bill of ladings, and security plans in the training as well as cover your closure instructions and any other documents that we need to cover.

Hazmat Certification Courses Available In:

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  • HM215: Changes to proper shipping names, marking requirements and changes to the 172.01 table.
  • New Security Issues HM 232 Effective March 2003: Mandatory Security Requirements for Shippers and Transporters of Hazardous Materials. Any amount that requires placarding must have a written security plan and employees must be trained no later than the date of the first scheduled recurrent training after March 25, 2003.
  • Detailed Training Rule: (HM 172.700-Subpart H) Under DOT, IATA and IMDG rules, periodic training must be performed every three years for ground and two years for air, due to ever changing regulations. All new employees must be trained within 90 days of hiring.
  • Learn how to use the Regulations Properly: We will teach you how to find your way through the regulations and understand their effects on your operation. Learn about Hazardous Substances and Marine Pollutant and how they affect you.
  • Key Regulatory Relief: Limited Quantities, Consumer Commodities, reuse of packaging, exceptions versus exemptions, Attendees will learn key distinctions between what is required, what is allowed and what is prohibited.
  • Regulatory Responsibilities: We will discuss shippers’ versus carriers’ responsibilities; packaging manufacturer versus packer; joint responsibilities; regulatory compliance responsibility and more.
  • Hazard ID and Proper Shipping Name: The most important step in DOT compliance is precisely identifying your material. You will learn how to use the 172.101 Hazmat Table to get the legal and correct Proper Shipping Description; which all labeling, marking, packaging requirements come.
  • UN Performance Packaging: Specifying a package requires much more attention to detail under HM 181. All new packages must meet the new performance testing criteria. You will learn the performance packaging system and markings. Learn what packages are excepted from UN Performance Packaging.
  • Preparing a Shipment and the Communication Requirements: Learn the 10 easy steps to determine the required marking, the proper labels, how to prepare shipping papers or hazardous waste manifests, emergency response information and the new placarding requirements. What placards are required for mixed loads, for bulk shipments, the 4000Kg rule, the 1000Kg rule.